Roman Reigns Denies John Cena, Accepts Finn Balor Match on SmackDown

After John Cena kicked off SmackDown, it was Roman Reigns’ turn to address the WWE Universe and respond to Cena’s challenge. Cena challenged Reigns to a SummerSlam match and said SmackDown sucks as long as he’s Champion. Reigns smiled at the crowd’s jeers, though many were cheering until the Roman Sucks chants started. Reigns then told the Cleveland crowd to acknowledge him, just like Cena did at Money in the Bank and Monday Night Raw, and he then told Paul Heyman he wanted to acknowledge Cena but Hollywood fooled him. He then said he expected more but Cena came out and put on a nostalgia act.

Reigns aid he puts on the same act time and time again, and rolled his eyes at Cena’s tired act. He then said Roman fans don’t get excited by that. He then said he has no desire to “see” Cena, and then said, “I guess we won’t see you in the main event of SummerSlam, because my answer to your challenge is no.”

Then Prince’s music hit and he came to the ring. Reigns looked happy and said his counsel told him Balor was here to acknowledge him. Balor said he wasn’t going to, but said if he wasn’t interested in Cena’s challenge, maybe he would be interested in his.

Reigns laughed at first but then the crowd chanted “Roman’s Scared” and he looked a little annoyed. Reigns then looked at Balor after some back and forth with Heyman and said “challenge accepted”

Now it appears we’ve got our main event for next week’s SmackDown, and it’s a match I’ve been dying to see. As for Cena, that match is of course still going to happen at SummerSlam, but I’m happy that we’re taking a different route to get there than the expected one. We can build an actual program between Cena and Reigns with some back and forth before the match-up becomes official, and that’s only good for SmackDown fans.

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