Rowoon and Park Eun Bin Starring Historical Drama “Affection” Premiere Date is here

KBS entertainment announced the release date with poster

Affection- the Korean historical drama will be aired from October 11, 2021. KBS2 shared the exiting news with a poster on September 6, 2021. In the poster the female and male lead makes an eye contact with stunning shiny background and the title displayed in the bottom. We can expect the episodes on Monday and Tuesday from October 21 onwards.

Director Song Hyun wook directed this historical drama with the comic(Yeonmo) book reference. Yeonmo writer name is Lee So-Young. That comic published from 2011 to 2014 and has a 44 chapters and 11 volumes.

Eun Bin and Rowoon post
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Drama plot

This drama is a Princess and teacher’s story. Kings wife gives birth to two children. One boy and one girl. As per the rulers principles order is issued to kill the girl child. After that the affectionate mother saved her child by keeping her outside of the palace.

They both grew up, the boy child became a prince (Lee Hwi). But he dies because of a critical health condition. To cover up this secret, mother asks her daughter to disguise as prince. The girl plays the role of prince well, she hides her own feelings and always keeps herself away from other people. In order to hide her identity she became a unkind person and plays with harsh words.

However, she(Park Eun Bin) falls for Jung Ji Woon(Rowoon) grows gradually. Jung Ji woon the intellectual person and good-looking trainer of Lee Hwi come from generous family.

The production members of “The Affection” drama said the love emotion between Park Eun Bin and Rowoon was brought out by realistic and Gorgeous environment around them in the film sets.

Rowoon career in KBS2

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Rowoon started his career in KBS2’s by staring in School 2017 drama. He well known for his character Haru in Extraordinary You. Rowoon received several awards for this role. He worked with KBS2 second time in a leading role.

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