Ruckus In Afghanistan’s International Airport After, Afghani Females’ Rights Again At Stake Amid Taliban Takeover Capital City Kabul

Overwhelming scenes are emerging from Afghanistan, the world stays spectacular

Scenes at Kabul airport are extremely overwhelming and certainly heart wrenching. The US army departed from Afghan this year after a span of 20 years. Everything in Afghan is shattered in the blink of an eye. Videos and pictures of people falling off the plane, people gathering to leave their homeland, and kids with confused faces are hoping that everything will stop.

Certainly, the most hurtful scene came when US troops began attacking Afghanis who were climbing onto the plane to escape from the Taliban captured Afghanistan.

2 men died amid falling off the plane while trying to escape Afghanistan

The desperation of running away killed 3 innocent Afghani who clung to the side of the US moving military plane. Video footage of uncountable Afghanis who were trying to escape is emerging from Kabul airport. As the plane took speed and began fleeing, two men were seen falling from the plane. Another video emerged displayed the two bodies of a man and one body of a woman. However, there is no clue about the circumstances they died in.

Taliban has however reassured there will be no harm to the civilians but the pictures emerging from Afghanistan speak something else.

Afghanistan’s females worried amid fear of returning dark days

No doubt the whole Afghan civilians are in danger, but the women and girls are most vulnerable. Females who were at the higher post now values nothing after the Taliban has taken over the major part of Afghanistan. Unfortunately, the people of Afghanistan know that their country is now pushed back to the situation that was 20 years. Female activists afraid that the Taliban will regress all the freedom that they have gained over the long years.

Afghanistan man fleeing
Credit: Financial Times

640 Afghani flew from the country to Qatar via US Air Force plane

A shocking image has emerged where 640 Afghani are scene packed up in a US Air Force transport plane. The image from 15 August shows 640 Afghani inside C-17 Globemaster II Cargo Jet. A defense official has said to Defense One (the news site that obtained the image) that it was the crew’s decision to go.

Afghanistan man fleeing
Credit: Defense One

Certainly, history is going to remember it.

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