Rust Update Adds Submarines, Spearguns, More Aquatic Features

Rust’s PC developers Facepunch Studios are headed underwater in for the game’s August update with submarines, spearguns, underwater labs, and much more. The focus of the “Going Deep” update is almost entirely on the aquatic biome with not only these underwater features added but also things like fishing included, too. The same update targets a few other non-aquatic areas of the game as well such as underground rail networks and various other fixes.

Topping the list of the new features coming to Rust in this month’s update are the underwater labs. Players will find these on the ocean floor and will be able to traverse procedural dungeons once they’re inside. These bases aren’t vacant, but players will find tools built into the labs that allow them to map out their exploits accordingly.

“The bases have a wide network of CCTV cameras you can connect to to plan your exploration ahead of time,” an overview of the new labs read. “The new and improved player map will also let you see the layout of the base for each floor. You will also find microphones in some rooms that let you broadcast your commands into the entire base’s network.”

To get to these labs, you can invest in a new submarine. The underwater crafts being added in the same update can be purchased from boat shops and seat one or two at a time depending on which version of the submarine you purchase. Both are equipped with two different types of torpedoes which either fire straight ahead or towards the surface depending on where your target is.

Exploring outside of your submarine just got more dangerous now that sharks are being added, but the developers are giving players a new way to deal with this threat via the speargun.

“To be able to defend yourself at a distance underwater is of paramount importance given the introduction of hostile marine life,” the creators warned. “You can now learn how to craft a spear gun + ammo from a Level 1 Workbench. This weapon can only be fired while underwater and packs a punch similar to a crossbow, albeit with a slower moving projectile. It is also very effective at dispatching hostile human beings.”

Rust’s August update contains much more than what’s listed above, but those are the highlights. To catch the full rundown of what’s coming to the PC version, you can check out the patch notes here.

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