Ryan Reynolds Responds To Hysterical Ted Lasso Joke

Ryan Reynolds responded to that hysterical dig in Ted Lasso this season. For those who are unaware, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are owners of Wrexham AFC, a long-tenured football club in the United Kingdom. Higgins made a joke about them having a stake in the team and the Deadpool star had to issue a very humorous statement to defend Wrexham. Basically, they won’t be pressing any charges if they can get some biscuits. Obviously, Reynolds loves the show and enjoyed the joke. (He never misses out on a chance to be a part of the discourse when one of these pop culture events happens.) At any rate, for people looking forward to a look at Wrexham and its transformation. Reynolds and McElhenney are currently working on a docu-series about bringing the program into the “global force” they believe it can be. For Ted Lasso, he’ll probably continue being the national treasure that millions enjoy at home. Jason Sudeikis is probably boxing up those biscuits right now.

“Dear Apple TV+, It has come to our attention that in a recent episode of Ted Lasso, our very real ownership of Wrexham AFC was called into question by an otherwise beloved character named ‘Higgins.’ While we hold the incomparable Jeremy Swift in no ill regard and are honored to be mentioned on the platform that’s brought us high-quality programming ranging from Mythic Quest season one to Mythic Quest Season Two, we must insist that you cease and desist from the casting of any doubt regarding our commitment to the club, the fans and the entire Wrexham community. To avoid legal action please send 2 LARGE boxes of Ted Lasso’s biscuits to the Racecourse Ground. Mold Rs. Wrexham LL11 2AH, United Kingdome before the Wrexham AFC season begins on Saturday, August 21st at 3pm. Believe! Rob & Ryan.”

In a virtual meeting with the Wrexham Supporters’ Trust, both actors spoke about what they were trying to accomplish with this move. Reynolds was adamant about the potential with the club. “This is the third-oldest club on the planet and we don’t see why it can’t have a global appeal,” the Deadpool star explained. “We want Wrexham to be a global force. Our intention is to become part of the Wrexham story rather than Wrexham becoming part of our story.”

The duo sounded so sincere in the intro to their mission statement for the club. They told the Wrexham fans, “To the supporters, staff, players, friends and family of Wrexham AFC: We’re two people who’ve made a career of never taking ourselves too seriously. However, we realise taking stewardship of this great and storied club is an incredibly serious matter and something we don’t take lightly. With that in mind, we wanted to take you through our Goal, Principles and Promises. Our goal is to grow the team, return it to the EFL in front of increased attendances at an improved stadium while making a positive difference to the wider community in Wrexham.”

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