Sam Raimi to take Up as a Director of Marvel’s Newest Sequel After Spider-Man 3 Debacle!

Sam Raimi Accepts To Direct Doctor Strange Sequel After An Awful Reaction To ‘Spider-Man 3’

Sam Raimi is in talks of directing ‘Doctor Strange and The Multiverse Of Madness’. This is after a long break of 9 years, after the fans criticized him for Spider-Man 3. However, the first two movies were enjoyed by the fans. But the third part made them upset as they saw their hero in a different way.

And this made Sam Raimi to hesitate to take up the directors chair in Marvel’s movie. The director is now ready and rolled up the sleeves to direct this project.

Benedict Cumberbatch will return to play his iconic character again on screen.

Benedict Cumberbatch to reprise his role in the sequel of Doctor Strange
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Sam Raimi’s Life After ‘Spider-man 3’

After Sam Raimi’s Spider Man 3, which fans hated, they never hesitated to tell this to him. This almost made him to get out of the job. But later he directed ‘Drag Me To Hell’ and ‘Oz The Great And Powerful’.

He then was on hiatus for nine years, also took a break from directing movies. And suddenly he was called by his manager to check out for directing a Marvel’s movie. At first he hesitated but took a deep-breath and agreed to change people’s thinking of him as a director.

Sam Raimi loved Doctor Strange and thought of giving his own touch to the sequel.

A Glimpse Of Doctor Strange and The Multiverse Of Madness

After Scott Derrickson gave an outstanding screen time on Doctor Strange in 2016. It is already getting its prequel, that too by a Marvel veteran director Sam Raimi. Raimi had a good impression on the movie and this made him to accept the offer to direct.

Doctor Strange 2 is Raimi’s movie after 9 long years. The movie is all set to theatrical release on March 25, 2022. Also fans are ready to watch it in Sam Raimi’s direction. Because they feel Marvel’s never choose directors who are unable to entertain the fans.

Doctor Strange 2 will hit theaters on 2022
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