SEVENTEEN’s ‘Mingyu’ Looks Breathtaking as 1st Look Poster Boy

Mingyu is a perfect gentleman

Seventeen, the South Korean boy band also known as SVT was formed in 2015. One of the thirteen members Mingyu just released ‘1st look’ cover and fans can’t keep calm.

The South Korean pop star managed to capture the essence of a perfect gentleman and left his fans wanting more.

Mingyu | Seventeen
credit : 1stlook | Instagram

The seventeen star looks flawless as he poses for 1st look magazine. Mingyu posed perfectly and the magazine cover gave out a mysterious and sexy vibe. Mingyu can be spotted in a black ensemble and is sporting a ring.

Apart from the handsome Mingyu , the cover has another important addition ,the Laura Mercier line. Laura Mercier is an American – French skincare and makeup line. The line was found by the famous makeup artist Laura Mercier itself in the year 1996. The company is currently presided over by Alexandra Papazian.

In the latest look revealed Mingyu can be seen posing with a variety of products. Luxurious products such as different kinds of cosmetics and scents can be seen in the pictorial.

‘Laura Mercier’ Promotion

credit : 1stlook | Instagram

When asked about the products in an interview, Mingyu was full of praises for the brand and said his favourite part was the combined scent. He went on to reveal that he loves that it can be found in everything including moisturizers , body wash , body lotion and he especially cherishes the layer of perfume on top.

This is not all and fans are in for more exciting pictures of Mingyu. Sources revealed that more pictures of Mingyu with the Laura Mercier line will be available very soon. They will come along with the new issue of the 1st look magazine which will be launched in September.

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