Sex And The City Reprises As ‘And Just Like That’ In A HBO Max Announcement!

Sex And The City Gets A Revival On HBO Max ‘ And Just Like That’

Sex And The City will take a new turn in its new series ‘And Just Like That’. This announcement was made during the HBO Max Europe launch. And this amazing series will be available in HBO Max from December.

The trio returns to enjoy their life in the fullest. But Samantha Jones a.k.a Kim Cattrall will not return in the series.

Kim Cattral will not return in the new series 'And Just Like That''
Instagram/ Kim Cattrall

Michael Patrick King will exec produce the series along with Sarah Jessica Parker. Not only both they are followed by many producers.

‘Sex And The City’- A Brief Past On The Franchise

The franchise first came up as a series in 1998, on HBO. It also went on to create two movie for itself, which was well accepted. The series had a run for about six seasons till 2004.

The original story was adapted from ‘Sex and the City’ book written by Candace Bushnell. Then on 2013 the prequel series was premiered on CW called as ‘The Carrie Diaries’. And Anna Sophia starred in the lead role. It won many awards which includes Primetime Emmys. Along with three Screen Actors Guild and two Directors Guild.

Anna Sophia Robb starred in the prequel of Sex and the city
Instagram/ Anna Sophia Robb

Considering the past run, the series will turn out to be a great entertainer for the viewers. ‘And Just Like That’ will assure a good time on scree.

‘And Just Like That’ Latest Updates

The revival of ‘Sex and the City’ is still in progress and but the dates of the premiere has been revealed. The friends, Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte return to reprise their character. They try to explore the beauty of life even during their 30’s. Then it gets more complicated when they hit their 50’s.

Currently the filming is going on in New York and also welcomes the cast that were announced earlier. But the series is loved already among the franchise’s fans. And they will get their favorite series running from December on HBO Max.

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