Sex Education Renewed for Season 4, Netflix Revealed at TUDUM

Sex Education has finally been renewed for the fourth season

Sex Education will come back with the fourth season. The news was confirmed by Netflix in the TUDUM event. However, the third season of Sex Education was released just on the 17th of September. But of course, as the ending suggests there will be the fourth season as well.


The whole story takes place at some fictional Moordale Secondary School in England. Meanwhile, the protagonist of the series is Otis Milburn also known as Butterfield. He is the son of prominent sex therapist Dr. Jean Milburn who is played by Gillian Anderson. Despite the obvious differences in gender and inappropriate behavior. Otis is still struggling to find peace with the fact that his mother is a sex therapist. However, later on, Otis discovers that he has a knack for doling out sex advice to his fellow friends.

Sex Education Renewed for Season 4

Some of his friends are Maeve Wiley played by Emma Mackey who is a troubled girl with a very intelligent mind. Then we also have her best friend Eric Effiong who is played by Ncuti Gatwa.

In the next season as well we will see the same characters, played by the same actors. The story will continue from where it left. However, since the third season has just premiered this month we don’t have a release date for the fourth season. Laurie Nun is the creator and the executive producer of the show. Along with Laurie Jamie Campbell and Ben Taylor are also the executive producer of the show.

Sex Education Renewed for Season 4

The third season has performed well among fans. It also has a rating of 96% from Rotten Tomatoes. People really seem to love the series and are already waiting for the next one.

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