‘Sex Education’ Season 3 Finale Leaves an Open Opportunity for Season 4 Arrival

Undoubtedly one of the best shows on Netflix, it will be criminal if the show doesn’t return (spoilers ahead)

Netflix’s Sex Education has returned with yet another stellar season. It has now become one of the strongest series in the streaming service, packing both comedy and emotional moments. The show keeps getting stronger with each season, and the amount of attention and care that the showrunners put on each character and how they address sex and relationships show the genuine love they have for the entire show.

We don’t know how long the show will air for, but we can see it’s chances.

Season 3 events

Otis and Ruby

Let’s talk about our primary duo – Otis and Maeve. Since season 1, both Otis and Maeve had a “Will they, won’t they” situation, with some very near hits and misses. But, with season 3, they finally got to admit their true feelings for each other. But right when a new romance was blossoming, anothet bombshell dropped. Maeve will be going to the US for two months and will have to put the relationship on hold. Will she return the same person, or will we see a radical change?

Next comes Eric. As Otis’s best friend, he’s been a moral compass for many characters, but he isn’t really good at managing his own relationships. He cheated on Rahim with Adam in season 2, and now cheated on Adam with photographer Oba while in Nigeria. Eric also broke up with Adam to explore his sexuality.

As for Jean and Jakob, things were going smooth until Jean received news that heavily suggested that Jakob might not be the parent. Did something happen that we didn’t see, and is Jakob going to get his heart broken again?

Season 4 status

Steve, Aimee and Maeve

Since season 3 just aired, it’s too soon to find out whether the series will be back with a fourth season. But we can expect the announcement any time, and within a year, we will have the next season (hopefully).

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