Sexy Beasts trailer reveals new Netflix dating show, and you kinda just have to see it!

Contestants on another Netflix dating show will wear expound makeup and prosthetics in a feral endeavor to address a deep-rooted question about love: How much do looks matter? “Sexy Beasts,” which the streaming service said is a half and half of “The Masked Singer” and “Love Is Blind,” debuts July 21.

Netflix brings new, weird dating show

Described by comedian Rob Delaney, the show will send contestants masked in complex costumes on first dates to check whether personality alone can make individuals experience passionate feelings. The streaming service predicts there will be a thundering appetite for the show, whose contestants do not appear to be excessively unique from furries, and has effectively requested two seasons. The show depends on a U.K. series.

The trailer, which debuted on Wednesday and has effectively piled up a huge number of perspectives, shows contestants wearing costumes of a beaver, a fiend, a fox, a panda, different outsider-like animals, and a scarecrow. “The watchers are in for a genuine delight,” Simon Welton, maker and leader maker, told Variety. “I trust the show puts a grin on people groups’ appearances as they cooperate to discover who’ll go gaga for who and what our cast all truly resemble.”

On the web, reactions were a blend of repulsiveness, intrigue, and anticipation. The show will truly bring a new concept for the age-old question about love. Sexy Beasts started life as a British series on the BBC in 2014, and the Masked Singer-style design is getting a renewed perspective on streaming service Netflix. It portrays disguised dates occurring in the UK and US, recorded toward the end of last year during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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