‘Shang-Chi And The Legend of Ten Rings’ Recreates MCU’s Phenomenal Performance History

How Is The Movie Different From Other Marvel Movies?

MCU’s new movie Shang-Chi and the Legend Of Ten Rings gives the extraordinary martial arts experience. And also the first ever Asian-American lead role in the movie. The story of the movie gives an insight on the strict parental control on children, where they are forced to do as ordered by the parents. But if the child rebels then he/she is in a great trouble.

Shang-Chi a movie which depicts the love-hate of the father and son
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However, MCU’s Shang-Chi is played by Simu Liu who learned to walk in his father’s way. Without knowing the outcome of the sins his father committed. Tony Leung who plays the character of Xu Wenwu , the father of Shang-Chi. And the movie focuses on the status where destiny and choice can live together.

The stunts are a major attraction, since the movie is about Chinese legend. And the action sequence tend to provide a assumption as though watching Crouching Tiger. So, Marvel has changed their genre to a focus on Chinese history with a blend of MCU’s touch to the cinematography.

‘Shang-Chi’ An Hopeful Or Hopeless Inclusion Of MCU

Since ‘Black Panther‘,MCU has made a flawless decision on Shang-Chi’s antagonist. After Killmonger gave such an energetic master-class performance, fans were hungry to have such a villain in the upcoming MCU movies. However, Tony Leung the acting legend from Hong-Kong satisfied the people’s request.

He has a strong-hold on the story, also viewers will forget who the hero is when Tony Leung is on the screen. Tony is considered as the best villains in the world of MCU movies.

In the trailer, Shang-Chi is seemed to have far-flung from his Father. He just wants to have a life that is more focused on building relationship with people rather than destroying it. He works as a Valet along with his co-star Awkwafina who plays the role of Katy. Both gives an amazing duo performance in the whole story. And also they never fail to put a smile on the face of audience.

Shang Chi
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The humour of Katy who is a ‘fish-out-of water’ tends to give an innocent-chuckle some sequences, she is also a major part of the story.

Major ‘Twists And Turns’ In The Story

When Shang-Chi escapes from the evil world of his father, he comes to a new place and changes his name to Shaun. In a scene where Shang-Chi is forced to reveal his identity he showcases his skill in martial-arts. And the fight is streamed online, which is a major turn to the story.

Eventually he meets his sister Xialing who is irreconcilable. But joins him for the cause of their mother Jiang Li (Fala Chen). With a deep history of his father’s evil ways , he is once again pulled to the life which he hated.

However, Wenwu had a plan to locate and snatch the mythical land, Ta Lo. And since Shang-Chi was quite familiar about the mystical village, he proved to be the warrior his father wanted.

As the trailer conveys, ‘no one can run away from the past’ it is fight of Shang-Chi who either has to choose between destiny and choice.

And the overall movie has done a great job in providing an action filled, martial-artistic Hollywood movie that every MCU movie had. Other than some CGI’s over use, where it looks like a cartoon movie. But has given a masterpiece in the creation.

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