Sharelle Rosado is Welcoming a New Member to her Family

Sharelle Rosado and Chad Johnson soon to welcome baby girl

Sharelle Rosado is a Netflix superstar who has recently played a role in Selling Tampa. The series is said to be a spinoff of the famous series ‘Selling Sunset‘.

She is soon expecting her fourth child, she shared this exciting news while filming this new series. Rosado is a luxury estate broker it is showcasing her real estate agency named ‘Allure Realty’. And she shared this news while shooting which captured her real emotions and joy towards this news.

Sharelle Rosado Pregnant, Expecting Baby with Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson is a former player of the NFL and has also started in the album ‘Dancing with the stars’. Sharelle further shared her joy telling how fast everything is happening. The news is rather shocking to her too, she said she has been feeling mixed emotions all of the sudden.

Everything is happening particularly fast because of the ongoing shooting. The couple is already engaged to each other.

However, this child will be Chad’s eighth child and Sharelle’s fourth child. Sharelle also shared how she always wanted a big family. But, she thinks this is a good place to stop which means this will be the last child she will be having.

So parenting is not something that is new to both of them, they are looking forward to this child.

Selling Tampa Star Sharelle Rosado Is Pregnant, Expecting Baby Daughter with Fiancé Chad Johnson

What are the struggles?

Sharelle further shared the difficulties she has been facing while the shoot. It is certainly not easy to be pregnant, further, it is a little odd when everyone is out there enjoying themselves and you have to take care of what you eat and drink. She still feels, she is the life of the party but missing the glass of champagne with her.

Chad is also very supportive and takes good care of her. He also thinks his military background is also helping her to stay disciplined and healthy.

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