‘She-Ra’ Makes Way to Amazon Studios as Live-action TV Series

A role model for young girls

She-Ra, who goes by the name of Adora as well, is a fictional superheroine in “She-Ra: Princess of Power” animated series. The series produced by Filmation and premiered in 1985. In addition, “She-Ra: Princess of Power” was actually a spin-off of “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe” animated series. Furthermore, the character of She-Ra created primarily for the young female audience given He-Man’s fame.

The character of He-Man was established on a story line by Mattel called “Masters of the Universe”. Unlike He-Man, She-Ra was the genius of both Filmation and Mattel. But, the animated series premiered in 1985 and after 2 seasons the series cancelled in 1986. Finally, the series rebooted in 2018 and titled “She-Ra and the Princess of Power”.

The series developed by Noelle Stevenson and DreamWorks Animation Television was the producer.

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Amazon is all set to bring the character to life with the live-action series

After the success of “She-Ra and the Princess of Power” on Netflix, a live-action series is on its way. It seems that the heroine is making a swift return to life with this live-action series.

According to the reports, Amazon is looking over the development of the upcoming series. Also, the reports suggest that the series is actually in its early stage of development. Which basically means that currently no writers or other executives confirmed or related to the upcoming series. Still, for those wondering if the series will be connecting to the 2018’s reboot series on Netflix, it’s not.

The upcoming live-action series is going to be an independent story. Moreover, the fans of the character and the animated series excited to see where all of this would go. But for more information related to the series’ plot, cast or writers, fans will have to wait a bit longer.

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From princess Adora to She-Ra

Fans are happy that the character of She-Ra is getting the attention she deserves. After the cancellation of the 1985 series, the character brought back after 33 years and fans were all up for it. The series had five seasons and the final season for the series premiered on May 15, 2020.

The show was actually receive well from the audience. And again with the news of a live-action series the character is getting a chance to renovate her story. If the show decides to tell the story of the character’s origin then there are chances of He-Man involved.

In the original series, Princess Adora kidnapped as a baby and she grew up brainwashed to fight against her long-lost brother Prince Adam. After she freed, She-Ra wielded the Sword of Protection and fought alongside her friends against evil. Fans of She-Ra shouldn’t be too surprise if Amazon decides to follow this storyline.

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