Some Ted Lasso Conspiracy Theorists Actually Believe Roy Kent Is CGI

He may be here, there, and everywhere, but some Ted Lasso viewers actually believe that the legendary Roy Kent isn’t even real at all. Well, to be more specific, they believe that actor Brett Goldstein either isn’t real, or isn’t actually on the Ted Lasso set performing all of Roy’s actions. Believe it or not, there is an entire group of people online that believe Roy Kent is computer-generated.

Before we go any further, let’s establish one important fact: Brett Goldstein is a real person and he plays Roy Kent on Ted Lasso. He’s probably going to win an Emmy for the role here in a couple of weeks. There is no actual evidence that Goldstein is even assisted with CGI on a show about real people living in the real world. There’s certainly no reason to believe that the character is completely created by computers. But some people really do believe it.

Over the past few weeks, there have been multiple posts on Reddit and other forums pondering whether or not Roy Kent is actually real. Just take a look at a couple of the comments that eventually made their way to Twitter.

“Roy is a CGI character right,” asked one user on Reddit. “I can’t unsee it. I’m positive Apple is gonna unveil something at some point that they were trying to trick us with his CGI.”

That same Reddit user later wrote in a reply that they believe the entire character’s existence is simply a ploy for Apple to test out their new technology.

Roy Kent does have a stiffer posture than most other characters, a fact that is played up quite a bit in the writing and in Goldstein’s performance. He’s an ultra-serious professional athlete who is angry with the entire world all of the time, but has a real heart of gold buried beneath it all.

Let’s remember, Ted Lasso is a comedy. While it is an incredibly thoughtful and emotional show, it’s a comedy first and foremost, so its main goal is to make you laugh. Roy being almost robotic at times because of his reclusive nature is a driving force for a ton of laughs, especially in the first season.

Brett Goldstein is real. Brett Goldstein’s performance on the set of Ted Lasso is real. Unfortunately, these CGI conspiracy theory comments are real as well.

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