Spicing Things Up, DC Teases yet another ‘Batman’ Anime Crossover

Japan can’t get enough of the caped crusader

Batman might be a permanent property of the DC Universe, but he certainly makes time for crossovers. Similar to characters like Captain America and Scooby-Doo, Batman is also beloved overseas. Batman’s last crossover appearance has been in Fortnite, and many of his iconic costumes came as skins too. In short, Batman is ready to be part of yet another crossover.


For now, the information is limited, but more information is arriving on September 16. Batman is not the only character who is joining. Joker and Harley Quinn is also part of the collaboration. Characters who exist in the SINoALICE universe will also get DC themed makeovers.

About the game

For those who are unaware about SINoALICE, the game was released in June 2017. It arrived on the Japanese iOS and Android under Square Enix. It soon attained global fame with Pokelabo, and the director was Yoko Taro, known for NieR.

The story is set in a unique world called the Library, and the aim of the characters is to find their authors, in order to extend their stories. Join the characters in their search by defeating monsters and finishing other challenges. But the biggest challenge will be to kill other characters to gain more power.


And now, Batman will be the latest character who is on a journey to find his author. Japan is already fond of Batman, as they made Batman: Gotham Knights and Batman Ninja. From the trailer, it looks like Batman will be voiced by Yamadera Koichi, and Joker will be voiced by Takagi Wataru, same as Batman Ninja. We can guarantee that the Caped Crusader and his two enemies will boost the game’s popularity.

What do you think about the new collaboration?

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