Spirit Halloween Unleashes Trailer for Horrifying New Props

With the temperatures outside still getting higher, the minds behind Spirit Halloween are also heating up, as they aim to deliver a number of unsettling and entertaining props and animatronics to get Halloween fans in the “spirit” of the spooky season. Keeping in the tradition of previous years, Spirit will unleash not only various original characters and creations, but will also offer officially licensed and beloved figures from all corners of the horror genre. This year will include animatronics honoring “Shorty” from the cult classic Killer Klowns from Outer Space as well as the iconic “Ghostface” from the Scream franchise. Check out a trailer of the creepy figures above.

Joining Shorty and Ghostface in the “Graveyard Shift” of animatronics will be characters like Wacky Mole, Mr. Howle, Buzzsaw, Henry Hustle, Night Stalker, and Beetlejuice.

You can head to Spirit Halloween’s official website to see their full roster of characters.

killer klowns from outer space spirit halloween
(Photo: Spirit Halloween)

The 5-foot Shorty animatronic is described as follows:

  • After a strange glowing object from space crashed down onto Earth just outside of Crescent Cove, the evil clownish aliens known as the “Klowns” emerged to have their twisted fun and wreak havoc this Halloween. Leaving remains of popcorn and cotton candy cocoons, these Killer Klowns have plenty of tricks up their sleeves. Shorty is one of the wildest of the bunch with his bright yellow clown suit, wacky green hair, and his creepy red nose and smile. Equipped with a cotton candy ray gun and a giant boxing glove, he’ll have no problem knocking you silly! Now Shorty and his fellow Killer Klowns roam the streets in search of volunteers for their next very special performance! Once you get a ticket to this Killer Klown circus, there’s no guarantee you’ll make it out alive.
  • You’ll need to watch your back this Halloween once Shorty comes to life with his swaying head movement and up and down moving arms. Once you hear him play his intergalactic sounds, and you add his removable boxing glove, he’ll be ready for some killer clown action!
ghostface scream spirit halloween
(Photo: Spirit Halloween)

The 5.4-foot Ghostface is described as follows:

You can head to Spirit Halloween’s official website to see their full roster of characters.

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