Star Trek Fleet Command Launches on PC

Star Trek Fleet Command, the popular mobile strategy game, is making the jump to PC. On Monday, Scopely and developer DIGIT, in partnership with ViacomCBS, announced Star Trek Fleet Command‘s cross-platform launch, bringing the 4X massively multiplayer online title to PC players. Scopley estimates that Star Trek Fleet Command has seen more than 14 billion battles and over 500 million hours played since launching in November 2018. Originally based on the “Kelvin Timeline” of the rebooted Star Trek film series, content updates have brought new elements from Star Trek: Discovery, The Next Generation, and The Original Series to the game.

Star Trek Fleet Command‘s PC launch offers fans cross-platform play, allowing for seamless transitions between devices. Players can control the same fleet on their mobile phone as they deploy on their desktop or laptop PC. Social features like Alliances and Battlepass will receive cross-play boosts, helping to bring PC and mobile players together.

David Eckelberry, Vice President and General Manager of Star Trek Fleet Command at Scopely, said in a press release, “The team at Scopely and DIGIT, our Dublin-based Scopely Studio, have long been looking forward to welcoming PC players to the Fleet Command community and providing flexibility to existing mobile players. The PC launch of this experience is an exciting way for us to meet players where they are and give them opportunities to engage with fans and gamers across platforms. Together, we hope to build an even more enjoyable and lasting experience.”

To celebrate the PC launch of Star Trek Fleet Command, Scopely is offering players who download and play on PC some exclusive extras. They include:

  • Cross-platform resource bundle: New players and existing mobile players who link their accounts on PC will earn various in-game resources when they log in on PC.
  • Unique cosmetic avatars and frames: For downloading during launch week, players will receive PC-exclusive pieces of flair to show off their style.
  • Exclusive deals: PC players can choose to take advantage of exclusive sales on in-game resources and extras.
  • “Resistance on PC is Futile” sweepstakes: Players can win a custom Star Trek Fleet Command Borg Cube ATX PC battle station to power up their adventures in the multiverse by downloading the game on PC.

Star Trek Fleet Command has won three Webby Awards for “Best Strategy/Simulation” game, “Best Technical Achievement” and “Best Multiplayer/Competitive” game, an SXSW Gaming recognition for “Excellence in Convergence,” and two PocketGamer Mobile Game Award nominations for “Game of the Year” and “Best LiveOps. The now cross-platform Star Trek Fleet Command is developed and published by Scopely and DIGIT, a Scopely Studio.

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