Star Wars: Visions – The New Disney+ Animated Series is Not Part of the Original Storyline

Streaming starts September 22

A new animated series has arrived from the Star Wars franchise. Titled Star Wars: Visions, the anime anthology tells a different story with different animations across nine episodes. All episodes were released together and are currently available for streaming.

The series became the perfect opportunity for Star Wars to tell new stories. You will find the stories vastly different from everything you’ve seen so far. In fact, it’s not canon at all.

What the producer said

Star Wars: Visions

Fans had discussed for a long time whether the anime is part of the main storyline. Lucasfilm didn’t say a word to confirm their suspicions. But that has now changed. Producer Kanako Shirasaki and executive producer James Waugh talked to CNET and shared the truth.

The answer by Shirasaki was, “Not immediately,” before adding that it might influence the next generation of creators. In other words, the anime is not cannon – yet. There is still hope that the audience will love the new characters, and have them connected to the main storyline.

Waugh explained that every Star Wars piece influences future storytellers in some way. They won’t integrate Visions yet, but some events shown in the anime can be added to the main franchise over the next decades.

Anything can happen

Star Wars: Visions

Meanwhile, an upcoming novel called Star Wars: Visions: Ronin by Emma Mieko Candon is available. The novel will continue the Visions storyline. Waugh said that they will try to build a franchise with Visions, just like the other Star Wars. They will need to see if people love the characters before deciding further.

Known characters like Jabba the Hutt and Boba Fett are in the new show. It won’t be a big task to bring over these stories to the main universe in the future. For now, fans are happy

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