Stargirl: SPOILER Dies in “Summer School: Chapter Two”

The Justice Society of America may have defeated the Injustice Society last season on DC’s Stargirl, but the second season of The CW series is shaping up to be much darker with new threats, including one brought to Blue Valley by a familiar face. In this week’s episode, “Summer School: Chapter Two”, Cindy Burman (Meg DeLacy) began to enact her plan having returned to town with Eclipso at the end of last week’s season premiere, however, while it’s been clear from the start that the dark entity inside the black diamond is evil, one character found out just how evil when they met their terrifying end.

Warning: Spoilers for the second episode of DC’s Stargirl‘s second season, “Summer School: Chapter Two”, below.

The episode kicked off with Cindy’s stepmother Bobbie Burman (Lesa Wilson) preparing to leave Blue Valley for good, reclaiming the life that was taken from her when Dragon King abducted her years ago. Bobbie’s escape was thwarted, however, when Cindy showed up and conscripted her back into service using Eclipso’s diamond. For Cindy, this works as it means Bobbie will now be there to take care of her while she assembles her Injustice Unlimited team.

Unfortunately for Bobbie, being under Eclipso’s influence doesn’t just keep her in line. The dark entity plays on her darkest fears and thoughts, taunting her about how she will never escape from Cindy and reminding her of the life she was stolen from. Eventually, Eclipso plants the seed that the only way she will ever be free is to kill Cindy. So, one evening, Cindy returns home and calls out for Bobbie, demanding dinner. Cindy attacks her with a knife, though it’s not much of a fight given Cindy’s abilities and enhancements. Bobbie is soon knocked to the floor and Cindy pleads with her to just stop, but when Bobbie doesn’t, Eclipso takes over and devours Bobbie’s soul, leaving nothing but charred ash behind.

Cindy is horrified by Eclipso’s murder of her stepmother and for good reason. We learned in Season 1 that Cindy is, in some fashion, responsible for the death of her real mother and it’s something that haunts her. While Bobbie Burman may not have been someone that Cindy actually loved, she was still an important familial figure to her and this death will have a major impact.

“That whole scene when all of a sudden Bobbie’s just ashes on the ground, it’s heartbreaking for Cindy,” Meg DeLacy told “She can’t believe she just did that. And it wasn’t even her and that even scares her even more that she’s messing with this diamond that can really take over every part of your body, every part of your mind, and you’re just absolutely thrown to the side and you’re gone. And I think that push and pull with Eclipso and Cindy you’re going to see continuously throughout the whole season until maybe it’s too late.”

DC’s Stargirl airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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