Stouffer’s LasagnaMac Is Finally Here

Back in April, Stouffer’s offered comfort food fans a tantalizing tease when they announced that two of its classic pasta favorites, Lasagna and Mac & Cheese, would go to the next level in an all-new mashup of the two savory favorites with LasagnaMac. At the time, all Stouffer’s did was whet the appetite, teasing the dish’s classic macaroni and cheese stacked between layers of iconic Lasagna with Meat & Sauce and told fans to stay tuned for the summer. Well, it’s summer and now those teases have paid off. Stouffer’s is finally releasing the much-hyped LasagnaMac.

Fans hoping to get their hands on LasagnaMac won’t be able to find it in stores. Instead, Stouffer’s is giving it away. Fans will have until July 10 to enter to win one of 40 family-size portions of LasagnaMac in an online sweepstakes. To enter, fans go to this website and follow directions on the screen. Winners will be notified by email on or around July 15.

“Bringing together two of our best-selling products is a simple way to express the intent of our new marketing campaign, Happyfull,” Stouffer’s brand marketing manager Megan McLaughlin said in a statement when LasagnaMac was first announced. “We worked to create a recipe that will make our fans feel both happy and full. LasagnaMac is a great example of how of our innovation is anchored in consumer obsession – and not to mention, it’s incredibly delicious.”

Stouffer’s LasagnaMac is just the latest culinary mashup that pasta fans have had a chance to acquire. Earlier this year, Kraft-Heinz announced Candy Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, a sweet, candy-colored twist on the iconic dish for Valentine’s Day. That offering was also giveaway-only, with 1000 lucky macaroni and cheese fans getting to try the unique pink treat.

Will you be trying to get your hands on Stouffer’s LasagnaMac? What is your favorite comfort food? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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