Strong World to have a Huge Theatrical Release in November!

One Piece Film Strong World is soon to get a theatrical event know the details below

One Piece is soon to premiere its 1000th episode. And it is no less than a milestone to the creators of One Piece as well as those who are following One Piece since the beginning. Therefore, to celebrate this huge milestone the creators of the series have decided to celebrate it with a film. Not only this, but the film will get two theatrical events for the premier.

One Piece Strong World

This film is produced by Fathom Events and Toei Animation. And it will have a two-day event on November 7th where they will show the English Dubbed film and November 9th where they will show the English Subbed film. This event will take place in the US.

And, it will also be the first One Piece film to get a theatre from the United States. However, the film is written a long time ago. It was written in 2009 by Eiichiro Oda and it is the 10th film from the One Piece franchise.

Meanwhile, the fans can also enjoy the other film that is One Piece Mugiwara Chase. The creators of the series are equally thrilled about the film. Since the creator and the writer of the show have also shared the news, that the series will get to an end within the next five years.

It has been a crucial and emotional moment for every fan. Since they don’t know which film can be the last film. Masayuki Endo the president and CEO of Toei Animation has shared his excitement saying, it is one of the ways to say thanks to the fans to let the series run for the 1000th episode. Tickets for the film are available at the official website of Fathom Events.

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