Suicide Squad Reveals the Craziness on Set Through a Gag Reel! Javelin And Harley Quinn Need a Spin-off

‘Suicide Squad’ Deleted Scenes Reveal The Funny Face Of The Movie And The Cast

Suicide Squad got the remuneration of a box-office hit even during the pandemic. The movie covers a huge sense of humour both on and off screen. However, its deleted scenes has the real craziness.

And during the shoot the cast members too had fun making up their own dialogues and scenes. But unfortunately did not make into the movie. The director, James Gunn and his crazy cast gave what fans expected but did not disappoint.

The movie was considered a box-office hit during the Covid-19. And Warner Bros were happy that the movie went more than expected.

Suicide Squad Releases Fun Filled Gag Reel

The Suicide Squad made a violent and humorous appearance which made the fans to love the movie. But the real deal was the deleted scenes that was released in a new gag reel video.

Suicide Squad included lot of fun filled moments and unscripted sequences. A particular scene from the movie is of Sean Gunn’s Weasel. He is seen licking the glass window for real. In the movie it seems as though it was VFX, but the gag-reel shows the real footage. And for sure he licked the glass.

And the star of the show Flula Borg eho played the role of Javelin. He cracks up the whole squad with describing himself which his weapon hates and Harley Quinn can’t control. Neither the crew members on the set.

Javelin literally cracks up the whole squad by his humor
Youtube/ Suicide Squad Gag Reel

However, the gag reel totally agrees to give a spin-off for Javelin rather than his death in the movie.

More Crazy Details

As we continue, Steve Agee a.k.a King Shark feels disturbing wearing the rig which made him the shark. He is the one who struggled the most because he is the ‘monstrous’ in the whole squad.

Idria Elba makes a mishap by throwing him something on David Dastmalchian’s private spot. And cast members realizes it too late. Same happened to Elba as he was getting down from a junk of rocks he slips and falls. Margot Robbie was the main eye-witness and the most enjoyed person in the whole movie.

For ‘Suicide Squad’ intense sense of humour and fun they surely made their spot in the box office. Their ratings too were high compared to many movies.

The crazy squad from the movie Suicide Squad
Instagram/ James Gunn

For this, it makes the fans to watch the movie over and over again.

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