Supergirl Confirms Many Returning Actors for Series Finale

Supergirl kicked off its final episodes Tuesday night on The CW and now with the end of the long-running Arrowverse series in sight the return of several fan-favorite actors for the finale. Series star Melissa Benoist confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that Mehcad Brooks, Jeremy Jordan, and Chris Wood are all returning for the series finale, reprising their roles as James Olsen, Winn Schott, and Mon-El respectively. The return of all three actors had been suggested in recent set photos, but this now confirms the appearances. Benoist explained that ending the series without them wouldn’t have felt right.

“It would not have felt right if they hadn’t come back,” Benoist said. “I loved seeing my friends. I loved seeing Mehcad Brooks. I loved seeing Jeremy. I loved having Chris back, obviously. I don’t think it would’ve been a right goodbye if the people who came back hadn’t come back, so I’m very grateful that they did. It’s always difficult to get that many people back in the same place, especially in the pandemic, so I’m really glad it worked out that way.”

Brooks and Jordan were both original members of the Supergirl cast. Jordan departed the series in Season 3 with his character, Winn, going into the future with Mon-El and joining the Legion of Superheroes. Jordan returned for a two-part special episode in Season 5. Brooks departed the series early in Season 5, deciding to leave National City to run his hometown newspaper. As for Wood, he made his Supergirl debut in Season 2 as a prince from the planet Daxam after landing on Earth in a pod at the end of Season 1. He exited the series as a series regular in Season 3 and was last seen in Supergirl‘s 100th episode, Season 5’s “It’s a Super Life”.

As for the context in which these beloved Supergirl characters will return, fans will have to wait to see how that plays out, but however Kara’s journey ends, Benoist has previously said that it’s an ending she is very happy about.

“They pitched it to me because they wanted to know if I had any input as to where I wanted to see Kara ending up at the end of the series,” Benoist said earlier this year. “I had one request, and it wasn’t even something they were thinking about doing. And they pitched me the end, and it’s really lovely. It’s a great ending. I feel fantastic about it.”

Supergirl airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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