Superhero Exec Details Piccolo’s New Character Design

Dragon Ball Super has kept quiet on the anime front for some years now, but that will change in 2022. If you did not know, the franchise confirmed a new movie is coming for Goku, and Comic-Con @ Home gave some big updates on the movie. It was there fans were shown new concept art for the film, and the producer of Dragon Ball Super: Superhero head some things to point out about Piccolo.

As you might have seen, San Diego Comic-Con gave the floor to Dragon Ball during its virtual event this month. It was there fans were given the anime’s new movie title along with some key art. Of course, Piccolo showed up in one of the pieces, and the fandom noticed some big changes were made to the Namekian.

As you can see, Piccolo is looking fit here thanks to his lean physique. For the most part, his design is similar to that found in the Dragon Ball Super TV show, but a few things are different. For one, his arms have been recolored with a pink hue similar to that found in the original Dragon Ball anime. His belt has been dyed blue, and he is rocking some new shoes.

Like, just check out these new kicks. Piccolo is looking way better these days. The Namekian turned in his rounded kicks for some pointy boots which align more so with those introduced by creator Akira Toriyama way back when.

These changes might not mean much in the film overall, but the attention to detail is nice. Piccolo is looking more like he did when Toriyama welcomed him to the franchise, so this throwback look is appreciated. The only thing that still has fans pressed is the style of animation found in Dragon Ball Super: Superhero. It turns out this movie will be done mostly if not entirely in CG. This is a huge shift for the series, and anime fans are understandably wary of the new technology. But if Dragon Ball Super can pull this aesthetic off, well – this new character design will be one of many things the fandom is grateful for.

What do you think about Piccolo’s new design? Do you like how the Namekian looks here…? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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