Sword Art Online Progressive-Aria of a Starless Night is all set to make its return in the theatres!

‘Sword Art Online Progressive-Aria of a Starless Night’ movie has a release date!

The movie is set to make its release on October 30th, 2021. A new trailer for the movie has been released. The series has been out for quite some time, but the franchise is kicked up the notch with its new trailer. The movie will be debuting itself in the Japanese theatres this October in Japan. The release of the movie was stopped due to the covid pandemic. The trailer is action-packed.

The release of the movie was announced in November 2020 by the official Twitter account. Now, the film is set to release ten years after the release of the original novel series. But the release of the movie is only for the fans in Japan as of now.

The movie will be based upon the anime TV series by the name of Sword Art Online. The movie will be the third installment in the movies franchise after SAO: Extra Edition (2013) and SAO: Ordinal Scale (2017).


The plot of the series is set in the near future as people play make-believe games on the platform. The adventure series focuses on the story is about a girl named Asuna, who gets into the online game Sword Art Online.

Asuna was struggling with her life before and the game provided the much-needed escape for her. But things take a wrong turn when the game gets hijacked. Consequently not able to leave the game, she and her friend get together to fight the odds.

The story of the movie will be from Asuna’s point of view.

Credit: Twitter/Sword Art Online

The movie will be focusing on Asuna and Kirito. It will also set its focus on how the two of them would be adjusting to their new lives.

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