Taco Bell Is Giving 100 People Free Tacos for a Year

Taco Bell’s rewards program just celebrated its first birthday, and the chain says it has been a runaway hit. To celebrate, the fast-food taco joint is giving free tacos for a year to 100 people. Any Taco Bell Rewards member is eligible to enter by making an in-store purchase and scanning the barcode on the receipt with the Taco Bell app.

Taco Bell will then send you an entry code via the e-mail address associated with your Taco Bell Rewards account you can then use to officially enter to sweepstakes. 100 random Taco Bell Rewards users will then receive 365 complimentary tacos for their participation in the sweepstakes. Looking over the fine print, the rules state each winner gets one free taco per day and they’re not transferrable, meaning you can stack or save tacos for later dates.

Full rules for the free year of tacos can be read here.

“If there’s one thing the Rewards program taught us in the first year, it’s how eager our fans are for even more digitally enabled and personalized ways to gain access to the brand,” Taco Bell cChief Digital Officer Zipporah Allen said in a press release. “We’re excited to create a better experience for our team members and fans in the coming years — Rewards will be a big piece of that. To build on this past year’s momentum, we’re continuing to innovate on ways we integrate our digital platforms with restaurant designs that deliver fans the best of all-things-Taco Bell.”

The Taco Bell Rewards program is built-in to the chain’s mobile application, which offers a larger menu than what’s available in stores. While some items aren’t available in-store — we’re looking at you Quesarito — you can order them in the app — the chain’s attempt at driving more traffic to the rewards portion of the experience.

The free tacos for a year sweepstakes is running now through August 18th.

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