Teaser of Sky’s Gomorrah final season released the series will premiere on Nov

The commercially successful Sky Original series Gomorrah is nearing its end new teaser is out now

From its debut in 2014, the Italian crime thriller Gomorrah has become a great success in both Europe and the United States.

After Season 4 concluded in May 2019. Fans have been longing for the 5th and last season, and they won’t have to wait for long time. Here are all the latest Gomorrah Season 5 news and updates. New season consists of ten episodes, that were shot in Naples, Italy, and Riga, Latvia. And Gomorrah season 5 premieres locally on Nov. 19.

Marco D’amore directed its first 5 episodes of the fifth and ninth episodes. He also plays Ciro Di Marzio in the series, whereas the rest episodes have been filmed by Claudio Cuppellini.

Credits: Instagram @gomorra_la_serie_official

Teaser unveils much awaited characters return

Teaser of the final season released today, shot in Naples, Rome, and Riga, the capital of the Baltic Republic of Latvia. And features Salvatore Esposito reprising his role as mafia leader Gennaro “Genny” Savastano. It tells the comeback of Marco D’Amore, who reprises his role as Ciro Di Marzio. Ciro a member of the Savastano clan who fell out with Genny, and presumed dead at the conclusion of season 3. Then resurfaced in Latvia, as shown in “The Immortal.”

Gomorrah a renowned Italian mystery criminal action drama series based on real crime scenes created by Roberto Saviano. That has become a blockbuster hit in Europe and the UK.

This is the inner tale of the Camorra, the ruthless Neapolitan criminal syndicate. As recounted through the perspective of 30-year-old CIRO, the group’s godfather, PIETRO SAVASTANO. Ciro defies convention in his quest to become the next head of his criminal gang. The inbuilt conflict threatens himself and his whole family’s lives.

Season 5 of Gomorrah will undoubtedly be explosive

After seeing Genny’s coercion in the previous season, viewers are eager to see the next stage of clan warfare between Levantes and Patrizia, who has departed Naples. The new season begins with cops searching for Genny. In the new series, Genny’s life might be completely unpredictable. Cero is still alive and living in Latvia.

Credits: Instagram @gomorra_la_serie_official

Genny in the final episode of Season 4 forced to hide in a bunker. Nothing will ever be the same again while Genny is alive, and his sole ally is the enigmatic criminal lord, ‘O Maestrale.

Mickey Levante, better known as Michelangelo and Patrizia, niece of Malammore, Cristiana Dell’Anna, ended up dead in the previous season. Implying that these characters just wouldn’t appear in new series.

Salvatore Esposito plays Genny Savastano while Arturo Muselli plays Enzo Sangue Blu. And Ivana Lotito plays Genny’s wife Azzurra Avitabile, also Marco D’Amore plays Ciro Di Marzio in the next season.

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