Thai Singer ‘Lisa’ is Already Setting Ground-breaking Records with her Upcoming Solo Album “Lalisa”

You Gotta Bow Down Because Pranpriya Manoban Is A Queen

Pranpriya Manoban is a Thai singer who is mostly known by her other mononym called Lisa. The 24-year-old singer is a rapper and a dancer too. You might know her as a member of the South Korean girl group Blackpink that works under YG entertainment.

Blackpink girls have already began focusing on their solo career apart from their collective career. Lisa was also nominee for 1 award while she has won 6 other auctions. Recently, Lisa’s has her solo album (Lalisa) queued up which is soon going to release. It is going to be her first solo album to date.

Lsia's Lalisa
Credit: Billboard

Blackpink’s Lisa is breaking off records with her upcoming album “Lalisa”

Lisa’s solo debut is already setting records even when her solo album is not out. Her solo album has already sold 700,00 copies of pre-orders till 30th of August. Moreover, the pre-order sales of “Lalisa” began just a few days back on August 26th. The calculations of pre-order sales are speculations on how many albums were booked by fans. Even when the calculation of pre-order sale is at very initial stage, the sales are breaking the record.

Lsia's Lalisa
Credit: Lisa | Instagram

Additionally, not only South Koreans but people from United States, China, Japan, Europe, and Southeast Asia have also ordered our album. Lisa dominates the market globally and that is why fans are expecting her to overtake all the previous records. Additionally, some whispers claim Lisa is going to showcase a performance that she has never shown before in any of her music videos.

When will “Lalsia” release?

“Lalisa” will be releasing on 10th September. The format will be sold in CD form and will also be available in digital download.

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