The 100 Days My Prince Star ‘Do Kyung Soo’ is Considered for New K-Drama “Real Sword Battle”

Starring Exo’s Do Kyung Soo

On August 13th, it was reported that the idol actor, Do Kyung Soo, is making a comeback to the small screen with an upcoming drama titled “Real Sword Battle”. Additionally, his agency responded by revealing that the actor is genuinely considering taking on the role for the upcoming drama. Do Kyung Soo a.k.a D.O is a prominent part of the South Korean-Chinese boy group known as Exo.

Along with EXO, he paved his way into acting in 2014 with the movie “Cart” and “It’s Okay, That’s Love.” Moreover, he continues to receive praise from the audience for his incredible acting abilities. In addition, considering one of the best actors among his fellow idols. “REAL SWORD BATTLE”.

Do Kyung Soo
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When Will It Be Released?

As of now, not much details about the drama is available. However, the broadcast system, release date, or production data for “Real Sword Battle” are slated to be disclosed pretty soon. Assuming Do Kyung Soo accepts the role of Jin Jeong in “Real Sword Battle”. Then, for the first time since he got discharged from the military, he will star in a drama project. His last drama project was “100 Days My Prince” done in 2018.

Do Kyung Soo
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Plot & Cast Details

The upcoming drama “Real Sword Battle” is about a self-righteous prosecutor who lives for justice and tries to give it to the poor and weak victims. The drama will focus on him trying to snuff out the corrupt organisations that are scattered across the Republic of Korea. And according to the reports Do Kyung Soo will be taking up the role of Jin Jeong, the lead of the show. Jin Jeong who is an unadulterated prosecutor, who would go to great extents for the weak people who seek justice.

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