The 2x Platinum: BTS ‘DYNAMITE’ Creates History : Double Platinum

And the celebration begins for Double Platinum!

The world famous boy band is always giving a cause for celebration nowadays to their fans regularly. Even though the group was not able to grab Grammy this year but they did manage to win people’s hearts. This time it’s the Double Platinum certification in the US for their song DYNAMITE. The song has already created many records on different platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and many more streaming platforms. And it continues to create a few more…

Credits: BTS | Instagram

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) announced the news in March 2021. They announced that the Korean pop band has officially been awarded gold, platinum and double platinum certification for the song DYNAMITE.

A song is certified platinum in the U.S. after shifting at least one million equivalent units. Double platinum obviously means it has moved two million units or more. It’s a methodology the RIAA adopted a few years ago to keep up with the changing ways in which the masses consume music.

Always in habit of breaking records!

Dynamite’ is first single of BTS to achieve a double platinum. As for the list goes for breaking records it’s fourth to go platinum. The others were ‘MIC Drop’, ‘Boy With Luv’, and ‘IDOL’.

Credits: BTS | Instagram

But wait! Do you think that’s it? Along with the double platinum certification, ‘Dynamite’ also managed to make a Guinness World Record. The song holds the title for the ‘most simultaneous viewers for a music video on YouTube Premieres’ with over three million concurrent viewers.

It also holds the title for ‘Most viewed YouTube music video in 24 hours’. Also for ‘Most viewed YouTube music video in 24 hours by a K-pop group’.

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