The 5 Most Powerful Humans Fighting the Titans

Unity is a must for humanity

A tale of humanity fighting against enormous predators called Titans. Attack On Titan tells the story of humanity’s conflict. But Eren, the main character, becomes titan himself. As a result, he and his teammates realized just how little they knew about their enemy. In the end, they sought out these answers and reclaimed their world. In addition, this story is filled with mystery, thriller, and action. Since its release, it has become a fan favourite. Setting new records and becoming one of the favourites in any list.

A lot of fans considered Attack on Titan their favourite anime. In the series, humanity must work together to win the battle against the titans. We present the top 5 most powerful humans fighting the titans.

Attack On Titan

Top 5 Humans who are stronger than Titans

5. Kenny

The anti-hero of the series. Kennedy has killed many people during his life. In spite of this, after befriending the royals, he became a captain of the Anti-Personnel Control Squad. Consequently, preserving the secrecy within the walls and the royal family. In addition, Kenny described many of the series’ truths. Nevertheless, he was a fan favorite by the end. Eventually, he introduced Levi to the injection that had the power to transform people into titans. As well as telling Levi he was his uncle and then deciding to die.

4. Erwin

Among the best leaders in the Survey Corps was the former commander. Erwin always went above and beyond, despite feeling guilty about the deaths of his soldiers. Even with all of this, Erwin was always in command regardless of injuries. Armin’s become a titan in order to allow Erwin to be at peace.

3. Mike

The strongest soldier in human history had previously been Mike during Levi’s time in the Survey Corps. Additionally, he had strange habits, such as smelling people as soon as he met them. However, he died when he encountered the Beast Titan early on in the series.

2. Mikasa

After her parents were slain. Mikasa helped Eren obtain revenge on the killers. In time, she would become one of the series’ most powerful characters. Furthermore, she always defended Eren. Also, she remains one of the most powerful characters in the series.

1. Levi

Levi is mankind’s strongest soldier. And he is also the captain of his squad. Furthermore, he made many decisions for the Survey Corps when Erwin was unavailable. Although he had to endure many losses and injuries, he refused to give up on Eren. Furthermore, prevent Eren causing humanity’s destruction. In line with his promise when they met.

Attack On Titan

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