The Alarming Death Is Finally Up In A Documentary!

Brittany Murphy The Unresolved Death Mystery Of The Star

Brittany Murphy, a Hollywood star was found dead at her home on December 2009. Her death took many extents where there was different opinions by many. The forgotten star was well known for her role in ‘8 Mile’ and ‘Clueless’. Her death was considered to be an accident. But later it had difference of opinions.

Brittany Murphy in the lead role of Clueless
Instagram/ Clueless

However, Murphy’s final days are going to be a documentary. It also interviews many people close to her during her prime. So now fans can get hold of the actual story surrounding her death. Like many celebrities death, hers is considered to be the most tragic death of all.

Brittany Murphy’s Tragic Death Event

Brittany was dead at the young age of 32 years. By then she was featured in many top rates movies. But her death made everyone to take a moment and remember her goodness.

Murphy was collapsed in her bathroom and when she was being taken to hospital, it was confirmed to be a cardiac arrest. Also her death was considered to be a natural and later finalized as pneumonia. And a coroner claimed that she lacked secondary factors of iron-deficiency anemia. Then was claimed to have intoxicated by drugs.

However, her drugs were legal and prescribed, and the cause was the adverse effect of medications. To which her mother and husband totally disagreed. Sharon(mother) and husband Simon Monjack claimed that she did not abuse drugs. But her death is of her weak heart condition.

And all this assumptions came to an end when Simon Monjack was also found dead at Hollywood Hills house. Even he was claimed to be dead by acute pneumonia and severe anemia.

What Does Film Maker And Producer Have To Say About The Documentary?

The documentary focuses on the interviews for her family members. But there was something about Simon’s relative brother James, who abandoned his fiance Elizabeth Ragsdale. Reports says that she was pregnant when she was abandoned.

Director Cynthia Hill reacted on James and claimed that he was one disturbed individual. And when there was a research on him, it became more dense.

Brittany’s makeup artist Trista Jordan too spoke on her final days. She spoke about her weak appearance during Something Wicked in 2009.

At last Hill reacted on the actress’ goodness, caring conducts were forgotten. So to make people understand about her and her final days made the doc to come up.

The attitude of the star Brittany Murphy in Clueless
Instagram/ Clueless

The doc will be airing from Oct 14, on HBO Max.

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