The Anime Series ’86’ Season 2 Arriving with Much Fanfare on Netflix! Release & New Developments

Transition from a novel series to an anime for 86!

86 is a science-fiction Japanese light novel series. In addition, Asato Asato was the writer behind the novel and Shirabii was responsible for the illustrations. Furthermore, the publication of the novel began in February 2017. The novel published under the imprint of Dengeki Bunko by ASCII Media Works. Soon, it announced that the novel will be getting an anime television series adaptation produce by A-1 pictures.

Originally, the series supposed to premiere in 2020. But, due to some circumstances, it was delayed. It revealed that the series will be a split-cour anime. The first half aired from April 11 to June 20, 2021 on Tokyo Mx and other stations. And just recently details regarding the second half of the series revealed online.

A big chunk of details

The official website and the twitter account of the anime series just revealed a bunch of details about the second half of the series. Briefly, it includes a brand new promotional video, new cast members, song artists and the release date. Moreover, Misaki Kuno, Yuya Uchida, and Asuna Tomari are the new additions to the cast. Misaki Kuno will be playing the role of Frederica Rosenfort.

On the other hand, Yuya Uchida will be playing the role of Ernst Zimmerman. And Asuna Tomari will be playing the role of Shiden Lida. The opening theme song will be perform by “Amazarashi” and the ending theme song will be perform by “Regal Lily”.

In addition, the second half of the series will premiere on October 2, 2021.

Credits: Netflix

The protectors of the republic

The series is about the 86th faction of the Republic of San Magnolia. However, the Republic of San Magnolia is in an ongoing war with the Giadian Empire. The republic claims that the ongoing battle has no casualties but that is merely propaganda. Another, the republic’s eighty five sector consists of silver-haired Alba, who live their life peacefully behind protective walls. But those who are of different appearances are incarnated in a secret eighty sixth faction.

The faction is known as “Eighty Six” within the military. Under the command of the republic “Handlers”, the faction is force to fight against the autonomous Legion of the Empire. Lastly, fans are desperately waiting for the second half of the series and their wait will finally end on October 2, 2021.

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