‘The Batman’ Spin-off “Penguin” a Mistake by Warner Bros.? Let’s Find Out

By making Penguin, Warner can make the same error that held back the DCEU

Before Matt Reeves’ The Batman hit theatres, Warner Bros. has announced that the Penguin, played by Colin Farrell will get his own HBO Max series. The Batman is currently the most anticipated movie by Warner and is expected to bring the spotlight back to DC.

But having a series on Penguin could be a mistake.

The DCEU’s history

Colin Farrel as Penguin
Warner Bros.

The DCEU started in 2013 with Man of Steel. While the movie is being enjoyed in recent times, it didn’t perform well at the box office. It wasn’t able to catch up with the MCU which carefully laid it’s ground work since 2008’s Iron Man. The DCEU sort of rushed with its movies, and people couldn’t immediately grasp Zack Snyder’s vision in a single watch. With 2017’s Justice League, everything fell. But let’s move on from that.

The Batman isn’t connected to the DCEU, but with the multiverse, it can happen. But Pattinson’s first outing as the Dark Knight is being observed with great interest. The movie already announced a Gotham PD show on HBO Max, set in the same universe, which doesn’t just sit right.

What happens when you hurry?

Cast of The Batman
Warner Bros.

The DCEU, and Warner’s biggest mistake is jumping into a shared universe before exploring the characters. Crossovers shouldn’t seem forced. The Batman movie isn’t out, but spin-offs have already been announced. Their desire to build a shared universe as quick as possible is weighing heavily on the quality. If Penguin could be added to Gotham PD, that would be much better.

Warner should understand that Marvel made their Disney+ shows after 13 years of world building. The first thing they should have is patience, so that The Batman can slowly tell the story they want, and establish a shared universe that feels necessary, instead of forced.

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