The Beloved Anime is Keeping Fans on their Toes with New Exciting Updates

Shinobu speaks through the Anime

Anime is getting popular with each passing day. They were popular in Japan, but now have the entire world hooked on them. Anime is both digital and hand-drawn, the televised shows are made for both children and adults.

The manga series Orient is written by Shibonu Ohtaka. The term Manga refers to comics and graphic novels that have originated in Japan additionally, they conform to the 19th-century style.

Orient, was serialized in 2018, in the weekly shonen magazine. The series continued in the same magazine for three years. The series was later transferred to Bessatu Shonen Magazine, in February 2021.

The license in the USA was given by Kodansha. It brings together two different genres, Adventure, and historical fantasy. The beloved Anime has twelve volumes that have been adapted by A.C.G.T. It is all set to premiere in the next year 2022.

Plot and Characters

Credit: Orient Volume 7

Orient has been directed by Tetsuya Yanagisawa and written by Mariko Kunisawa. Shibonu is also a writer.

The series has an intriguing plot. The story is set during the civil war period of Japan and revolves around the life of a fifteen-year-old boy. The name of the boy is Musashi. In the series Japan is overrun by demons subsequently Musashi uses an unrevealed but special power to fight them. The protagonist Musashi’s voice-over is done by Yuma Uchida, a Japanese voice actor. Meanwhile, Kojiro’s character is voiced over by Soma Saito, who is also a Japanese voice actor.

The print release of the popular manga started on 26th January 2021 in the USA. It was March 2021 when the acquisition of Orient was announced by Kodansha USA. The first volume rolled out on April 7th, 2020. The US is not the only country to license Orient. The hit anime was licensed by Kaze in Germany and by French publisher Pika in France as well.

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