The Deadpool Star Ryan Reynolds is a Huge Fan of Stray Kids –

A fan moment between Stray Kids’ Bang Chan & Ryan Reynolds

Stray Kid is a famous Korean band, made up of a total of 8 members. JYP Entertainment’s Bang Chang is their group leader, producer, vocalist/dancer and sub-rapper.

In May, the “Deadpool” star Ryan Reynolds, reacted to Stray’s performance, ‘The Kingdom, Legendary War.’ A performance inspired by his own movie, Deadpool. Bang Chan said that he is a big fan of Ryan Reynolds. And the Canadian actor has even sent gifts to the leader of Stray Kids.

The two stars spoke for the first time after the interactions. Bang Chan named the actor together with the premiere of his new film “Free Guy.” Bang Chan also took the movie and shot the pictures that they collected together on a video call at Instagram.

Stray Kids official Instagram account | Ryan Reynolds
Stray Kids Promoted free guy

Reynolds was excited to talk to Bang Chan, while Bang Chan said he was extremely nervous. Reynolds answered, “I’m probably asking more questions than you have for me, but here we’re going to do our best.”

I watched the ‘NOEASY’ trailer a whole bunch of times,” Reynolds said, showing that for their forthcoming comeback, he saw Stray Kids’ ‘NOEASY’ Thunderous Trailer and the CHEESE teaser clip. “You guys do that incredible thing in which you mix music with action genre, he praised. “It’s something that many people don’t see, and it’s something that I’ll actually steal,” he concluded.

Ryan Reynolds | Deadpool | Marvel | Stray Kids

After Bang Chan discussed their gifts, Ryan Reynolds had interviewed him about his Free Guy, his new film. Bang Chan revealed that behind the scenes he really enjoyed the film and asked about what makes Free Guy different, and Reynolds wanted the message to be transmitted through the film.

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