The Demand for Japril Spin-off from Grey’s Anatomy Continues to Grow Big!

Fan’s favorite couple of Grey’s anatomy definitely need a comeback

Dr. Jackson Avery and Dr. April Kepner, played by Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew, respectively are one of the most popular couples on Grey’s Anatomy. Together fans call them Japril. While the audience prepared for Jackson’s sad departure in season 17, his exit opened the way for “Japril” spin-off.

Since season 8 of Grey’s Anatomy, the relation with April Kepner and Jackson Avery has been a roller coaster of a ride for the fans. Their whirlwind of romance and the scorching chemistry made them fans’ favourite. From April losing virginity to Jackson to their relationship to finally eloping from April’s wedding to get married; they became the beloved couple on the medical drama. Their relationship was always filled with intense drama but the two always managed to find their way back to each other.

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However, the death of their son Samuel minutes after his birth pulled the beautiful couple apart. The couple briefly united as co-parents and friends again after the birth of their daughter, Harriet. However, the unison was short-lived as Sarah Drew’s April Kepner got written off in season 14 until season 17 when she came for a guest appearance.

Jesse Williams’ decision the leave the show in season 17 paved way for Sarah Drew’s return. Jackson decided to take over the Catherine Fox foundation in Boston and leave behind his life at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Supporting his decision, April decided to accompany him so he could be with their daughter. Further, it was revealed that April has separated from Matthew. The episode cemented fans’ hopes further for a possible spin-off.

Jesse Williams & Sarah Drew are fans

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ actor Jesse Williams talked about how his characters and April could spin-off after the show was over. Jesse Williams has shown that he wishes for a spin-off focused on their story.

Japril spin-off | Jackson | April | Jesse Williams | Sarah Drew | Grey's Anatomy
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Jesse had stated that he’s no idea what was going to happen next. He, like Jackson, had a part of him that wanted to get out and see what else life had in store for him. Further, he stated that he sees a spin-off possibility and how that was distinct from anything the medical profession had ever represented.

Williams revealed that, while there had been no discussion regarding a spin-off, he would not disagree to one. Particularly with his Grey’s Anatomy team.

In another interview, the actor said that it’d be interesting to have a sneak peek in Japril’s Boston life. Sarah Drew too has repeatedly expressed her desire to work in a spin-off.

The continued raging craze among fans for Japril and actors’ personal interest raises the chances. For we can assume it would be a big hit. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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