The Endearing Moments from ‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha’ that Made it Fans’ Favourite

The dimple couples in Hometown-cha-cha-cha

Hometown-cha-cha-cha is about, Dr. Yoon Hye Jin a dentist with both beauty and talents who has a seemingly ideal life. Then the tiniest piece of morality in her heart causes her life plan to break apart. She finally makes it to the seaside village of Gongjin, where she meets Hong Doo Shik, after overcoming numerous challenges. It piques her interest when she learns more about him. Locals refer to Hong Doo Shik as Chief Hong. Although he’s unemployed, he’s a jack of all crafts and a master of odd tasks, assisting anyone in Gongjin who needs help.

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The heart-warming rom-com drama quickly became a fan favourite with each episode getting more interesting and hilarious. It has recorded massive ratings from the inception as well.

Here are top moments that captured every fans heart.

Barefoot running to check Yoon Hye Jin in workplace

Yoon Hye Jin and Hong Doo Shik became more intimate in episode 4. Yoon Hye Jin, who became concerned about his whereabouts after not seeing him for a time, went to a village event. She faked to be drunk and fall asleep, which led him to take her home. Furthermore, when Hong Doo Shik learned that a sexual harassment offender was present at her dentistry practise, he ran there barefoot to ensure her safety. This adorable has everyone’s heart.

Bromance between Sung-hyun and Doo-sik

Episode 7 of Hometown Cha Cha Cha is charming, uplifting, and amusing. That’s where the love triangle begun, and heart-breaking truth is Hye-jin going to choose one man, but both of the men are so kind. Sung-hyun and Hye-jin are like exact replicas of one another. They both have similar tastes and love similar things. And then there’s Doo-sik, the middle wheel, who is the total opposite. Doo-sik notes in secret how well the both of of them seem to know one another. It’s the night when the bromance and friendship really take off.

Upsetting and comforting moments

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In the episode 8, as the rain pours down, Hong Doo Sik notices the Hye Jin and Sung-hyun together. And he awkwardly departs after delivering Yoon Hye Jin’s bag. He even caught cold. But next day Yoon Hye Jin exits the dentist office and begins her journey home as the day turns to darkness.

However, she ends up in a place with no lighting. Her phone is also dead. She begins to run, scared, and is delighted to see Doo Sik waiting there. She dashes into him and wraps herself in his warm hug. Hong Doo Sik, surprised, tightened his grip around Yoon Hye Jin, reassuring her.

Half of series aired with each episodes full of love, gossips, fun and jealous. Definitely the remaining half will be more interesting. And the next episode premieres on Sep 25.

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