The Expendables 4 Expanded its Cast List Further, Added Andy Garcia to it!

Return of The expendables

It has been confirmed by Sylvester Stallone that filming on The Expendables 4 will start in October. Randy Couture said in an interview earlier this year that the sequel would be shooting this fall.

As of late, Stallone teased the production by posting a picture of an actual movie ring that will be worn by his character. While commenting on a fan’s Expendables tattoo, Stallone reveals when filming on part four will begin in a new Instagram post.

What is waiting in fourth film?

It was reported by The Hollywood Reporter that Mercenaries will once again be at the centre of the storey. While Stallone starred in the first two films, Statham is expected to be the star of the third film. Fox plays the primary role. We can expect the film in theatres in 2022, However the release date is not announced yet.

Sly post
Credits: Instagram

New faces in The Expendables 4

Millennium Media officially confirmed the fourth film. John Joseph Connolly and Spenser Cohen will revise the script by Max D. Adams, which will be directed by Scott Waugh. Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Megan Fox and Tony Jaa will join the cast.

Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham who will reprise their roles as Dolph Lundgren and Randy Couture. Actor Statham will be working with Kevin King Templeton and Les Weldon along with Yariv Lerner and Jeffrey Greenstein as producer. A strategic partnership is between Lionsgate, Millennium Media, and Campbell Grobman Films. They will produce the film.

The Expendables
Credits: Millennium Films

Despite the fact that Andy Garcia has played several villains throughout the years, we’re curious if that will be the case with The Expendables 4. Much more interesting to see the actor in a movie alongside Dolph Lundgren and Stallone. As for what role he gets, we’ll have to wait and see.

Big Gold Brick, a comedy starring Megan Fox and Andy, has yet to be released. As a result, he appears to be a perfect fit for this cast. Also, Terry Crews, Jet Li and Arnold Schwarzenegger making a comeback in The Expendables 4

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