The First Look of Netflix’s “You” Season 3 will Blow Away Your Minds

“You” Season 3: Joe, Love, and Henry

After a huge wait and a lot of suspense, Netflix has finally revealed the premiere date of the psychological thriller, You (season 3). The plot of season 2 was dark enough and the ending of season 2 predicts that this time something darker will happen. Many previous characters are drawn out from “You” Season 3. However, many new characters are also induced in the upcoming season.

Yesterday, Netflix in hours of gaps and short teaser videos revealed a lot of new updates about the show. They took over to their official social media platform to reveal the premiere date and FIRST LOOK of “You” Season 3. Read below to view the first look from Netflix’s “You” Season 3.

You season 3 first look
Credit: Netflix

“You” Season 3 first look by Netflix

Netflix took to social media to reveal four first looks from the show. The first look of “You” Season 3 posted by Netflix does not tell much about what will be the intention of Joe in season 3. However, we know that the sick-minded character of Joe will never stop looking for the woman that he wants. This was proved in the last episode of “You” Season 2.

Well, in the first photo posted by Netflix, Joe and Love are holding their baby which Joe referred to be Forty’s incarnation. In 2nd picture, the psyche couple stands in front of their patent unbreakable glass cage. God knows what they have captured in the cage again. In a third picture, Joe is carrying the baby while talking to a woman. The last picture is where Joe is carrying Henry again but standing idly on the street.

Release date of “You” Season 3

It is finally confirmed by Netflix that the show will hit the OTT platform on 15th October, before Halloween arrives.

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