The Former Manchester City Star is Back To Home

It was in a matter of hours that decided Ronaldo’s future

This Thursday afternoon Jorge Mendes decided to call out Manchester United and offer them a legit agreement. It is like a welcome back moment for Cristiano Ronaldo because he is back again in his former club. The soccer superstar had a long relationship with the Manchester club. Even the English club could not keep calm and announced the homecoming of Ronaldo on Twitter.

Ronaldo made a four-year contract with Juventus in 2018. He tried to negotiate with Real Madrid the same year but at last, he joined Juventus. Certainly, Ronaldo took a transfer to Manchester United without even completing the remaining one year with Juventus. Read below to know why football superstar Ronaldo decided to switch to Manchester without completing the remaining contract.

Ronaldo returns home after 14 years

The 36-year-old soccer super star joined Manchester in his carrier beginning. He then never looked back and after a period of our years, he switched to another club in 2007. When he joined Manchester back in 2003, his request was to get a jersey of number 28. However, he received a jersey of number 7 which was previously worn by players like George Best, Eric Canton, and David Beckham.

Ronaldo is back in the club and the transfer has cost Manchester United €25m with Ronaldo signing a two-year contract with the club. He previously had a contract with Juventus that had a worth of $64 million.

How much Ronaldo has earned last year?

Nothing much but just $120 million (pun intended)is the amount Ronaldo has earned last year according to Forbes. Certainly, that makes him the third highest-paid athlete in the world. He also exceeded the earning of $1 billion last year as stated by Forbes.

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