The Highly Anticipated “Cowboy Bebop” to get its Own Prequel Comic Series

Very own prequel comic series

Soon after Netflix released the first look of the characters in the show ‘Cowboy Bebop’ fans were taken away. To their surprise they found the characters to be real. However, Netflix confirmed that this 90’s based anime series will be available in live-action.

With just 26 episodes it had the fans breath-taken that too in the year 1998. The present technology and creativity of writers has made this a ‘anime-come-true’ aura. And the series is set to premiere on November 19. Also the prequel novel, tie-in comic book and making-of book will be coming-up.

The prequel simply gives an over-view about the new live show on Netflix. The story will be penned by Cowboy Bebop’s own writer Sean Cummings. The prequel is all set to be in handy on November 23.

The Release Of Prequel

Sean Cummings will be giving a deep dive of the story in Cowboy Bebop: Syndicate Story: Red Planet Requiem. It is set to highlight story of Spike Spiegel and his friend-turned rival Vicious.

According to the production house the prequel will be released soon after the show’s release, on November 23. And this time, the audience are very large.

Netflix released the first looks of the new show Cowboy Bebop
Instagram/ Netflix

The much awaited comic series will kick-off in December with DC specialist Dan Watters alongside artist Lamar Mathurin. The first series will portray the Bebop group hunting an ex-member who posses a vest with a super-power.

So 2022 will witness the arrival of Cowboy Bebop: Making the Netflix Series show. It will be an overall description written by Jeff Bond and Gene Kozicki. Also Andre Nemec, the show-runner will provide a foreword along with interviews with the cast and behind-the scenes pictures and much more.

Already fans are awaiting to the release of the prequel as it is ‘all-inclusive’ about the story.

Cast And Plot:

The main character of Spike Spiegel will be played by John Cho. And Mustafa Shakir will play the role of Jet Black along with Daniella Pineda as Faye Valentine.

Netflix released the first look of the characters
Instagram/ Netflix

As the prequel announces the lives of Spike and Vicious before they were rivals. After all the adventures, Spike will end up being a bounty hunter. After teaming up with Jet Black and Faye, they are involved in more of hunting down the ‘man with the vest’. As the person who possess the vest will have unlimited luck.

Above all, the fans will experience Cowboy Bebop this year as well as in the next year. The news is already a treat for the fans. The first look from the show has made the fans go wild. And are awaiting its release soon in November.

For now its all about November 23, because the prequel will be releasing on that day.

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