The K-Drama Releasing in Octobers Casts Astro’s ‘Sanha’ and DreamNote’s ‘Sumin’

Astro’s Sanha and DreamNote’s Sumin are coming together for a K-Drama

All the members of the Astro K-pop group have now established a solo career for themselves. Moreover, recently, Cha Eunwoo has received an acting idol of the year award. The fans just could not keep calm and they just went crazy. For the same fans, Sanha in landing a web series is also a big deal. This proves that all the members of Astro have established themselves.

Sumin is also a rapper under iMe KOREA. She is also a member of the girl band group DreamNote. The 20-year-old talented singer joined DreamNote in 2018. Read below to know more about the upcoming web series “Your Playlist”.

Yoon San Ha and Park Su Min
Credit: Your Playlist

Sumin and Sanha join the cast of “Your Playlist”

Yoon San Ha and Park Su Min have recently been welcomed to the cast. Moreover, apart from Yoon San Ha and Park Su Min, Han Gi Chan has also joined the cast. However, Han Gi Chan is in a supporting role. But his role is as important as that of Yoon San Ha and Park Su Min’s roles.

Additionally, the cast also includes Kim Ji Hoon and Han Seoul. The recent poster includes five of them are standing and the caption asks the question about the playlist the group used to listen to.

Yoon San Ha and Park Su Min
Credit: Meaww

When will “Your Playlist” release?

The show is also known as Neoui Jaesaengmoglog in the Korean language. Your Playlist is going to have 10 episodes. It is set to air on 15th October 2021. However, there is no trailer for the show is available for now. There is a lot of information about the show yet to come out.

The creators of the show have focused on the global audience. Thus, the show is the result of comprehensive planning and strategy.

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