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Free Guy’s Entry During The Pandemic

Ryan Reynolds returned as ‘Free Guy’ in August 10, 2021. Amidst the pandemic, movie freaks prevented from going to theatres. Many new movies were streaming under the OTT platforms. But it didn’t stop the movie to make a perfect entry despite the surge in delta-variant cases.

Snippets from the new movie ' Free Guy' posted in the official instagram handle of 20th century stufios
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Moreover, ‘Free Guy’ witnessed many delays since it fixed the release date. The market too was not favourable during the pandemic and releasing a movie was very risky. Eventually, movie got released and created a positive response among the fans. ‘Free Guy’ out-performed all the odds and raised the box-office collection.

Free Guy is considered very special because, it competed among movies like F9, Suicide Squad and many more. It stood strong amid such movies and collected more than it expected.

This family ‘Free Guy’ entertainer made a decent entry at the theatres as well as the box office.

How Good Is The Movie?

Keeping in mind the risk factor of the market, ‘Free Guy’ surely entertained the fans. The story is of a bank teller who realizes that he is a non-player character. He determines himself as a hero of the story by trying to protect his friends from getting deleted. A review of a movie can turn-tables over-night. This happened in the case of ‘Free Guy’ where fans considered it to be a perfect ‘A’. movies like ‘Don’t Breathe 2’ and ‘Respect’ were another 2 movies that was to be released in August. But keeping in mind the consumers taste, this movie totally fulfilled the needs. Free Guy is a simple story with a blend of science and Ryan Reynolds humour which made extreme impact.

Free Guy- Box Office Collection, Locally And Globally

The box office never saw a raise since the beginning of the pandemic. But this sci-fi comedy received a whooping $28 million from North American Theatres. Also $22.5 million in overseas at a global start of $51 million. The ticket were also sold more than expected, that too during the pandemic.

 new movie Free Guy on the official instagram handle of 20th century studios promising a 'feel-good' movie.

The predictions of Disney’s and 20th Century Fox, over the weekend amounted to $17-$20 million but $22 million was out of sight. The increasing love for this Ryan Reynolds starrer forced Disney to ask far a sequel. In a brief tweet the ‘Deadpool’ star confirmed its sequel on Saturday, August 14.

Laughter is a best medicine, and ‘Free Guy’ supplied it!

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