The Legendary Director Martin Campbell Regrets Making THIS Movie

There’s a lot of regret!

The all-famous New Zealand director, Martin Campbell recently opened up about a movie he regrets directing now. It turned out to be ‘Green Lantern‘ a movie that featured Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively in the lead role. A superhero movie, it was released in 2011 and was based on a character from DC comics that shared the same name. The movie turned out to be a dud and failed miserably at the box office. The budget of the movie was a whopping $200 million and it managed to make only $219 million post-release.

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Sequel plans for the movie were canceled by Warner Bros. after the film failed to make a mark. The fans were disappointed, with the overall movie and it led to a series of negative reviews.

A distaste for superhero movies

green lantern
credit: prime video

77-year-old director Campbell partly blames himself for the failure of his movie. Martin revealed to Screenrant, how superhero movies like ‘Green Lantern’ were not his cup of tea. He regrets taking on the role as the director and wished he hadn’t done it.

Martin has also directed movies like GoldenEye and Casino Royale. He possessed a lifelong fondness for the 007 franchise movies and was glad to have done it. Although, the same couldn’t be said for superhero movies.

He went on to reveal just how big his liking for James Bond movies is and confessed to watching every movie before he even directed them.

Campbell closed with some wise words and admitted how directors have to carry the weight of their failures. Furthermore, Not all was bad for him and he got his cut right at the beginning of the movie. It was when 11-year-old Hal’s father dies in an air crash. The director revealed he had some creative differences with the production head at that time so, the idea didn’t get a chance to pan out the way he wanted.

Not only Campbell, but also actor Ryan Reynolds hasn’t shied away from criticizing the movie.

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