The Long Wait Comes to an End as the Popular Manga “World Trigger” Arrives with Chapter 212

Latest Update on World Trigger Chapter 212

On October 2014 World Trigger was released and attracted many fans. World Trigger adds up as a popular Japanese Manga series written and illustrated by Daisuke Ashihara. However, it has reached more than 200 chapters and is ready to release its 212th chapter. This anime gained popularity within creating just a few chapters. Because of such demand, it is ready to update more about the World Trigger 212 chapter that is yet to be released.

In the world of anime which includes lot of action, friendship and even war to prove who is strong. World Trigger is an addition to such fantasy anime.

Most of the fans are eagerly waiting for its release date, time and cast.

The Plot For 212 Chapter

The story begins with a group of warriors gathered around a computer. The chapter is titled ‘The Away Mission Test: Part B’, and Osamu had smashed the laptop which was hard to believe. Osamu beleives, the computer has stopped responding to any outputs. Since the trion was considered as a bane Osamu asked advice from the girls. And also asked Oki and Kazuto to help in the process of charging.

snippet from the official website, scene from 211 chapter
official website/ viz

However, they help each other in reminding all the necessary work to be done. Osamu claims that he had already submitted his work and also promised to photograph the pending work. They have unity in their work which will also help them to do any mission without hesitation. As a part of their mission they try to face any problem with strong will and courage.

Release Date

The trailer has not yet released but fans are curiously waiting for it. As per the latest update World Trigger is set to release on September 2, 2021, at 12:00, am (JST). Beside that fans are waiting for leaks and spoilers to know more about the new chapter.

snippet from the official website, scene from 211 chapter
official website/viz

It is not only a TV show, but is available to read like a magazine. Viz’s official provides the link to read all the previous chapter on-line. And it promotes its reader to read it from official website. The first 3 and latest 3 chapters are available on Viz’s official website.

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