The Musical’ Release Prior Broadway’s Run

From October onwards you can watch Diana the musical in Netflix

It has been long time since the show got postponed due to pandemic situation. Diana musical story scheduled to release on March 31, 2020. The show preview done on March 2, 2020. And the show will return in November 2021. The new musical will stream on Netflix, before it will be available at the Longacre Theatre to a huge population of audience.

Life of Diana

Diana the musical

This show will bring a closer look of Princess Diana‘s life and Camilla, and Charles love for Diana. How Diana had crossed the path of loveless marriage with Charles. The struggles she faced as a part of highly disciplined royal family and finding a way to be herself. Since it is the story of princess before this modern era the team had worked to catch up the 20’s audience without spoiling the originality. The idolized princess died in car accident at the early age (36)

However this show faced several controversies. It portrayed the opposing views and relationship gap between Diana and Queen and her royal family members.

In this show Jeanna de Waal gave life to the Princess of Wales. Christopher Ashley directed this show and Kelly Devine being the choreographer. Roe Hartrampf played the role of Prince Charles. The part of Queen Elizabeth and Camilla Parker Bowles performed by actors Judy Kaye and Erin Davie. Diana Musical has book version by Joe DiPietro.

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On stage Diana Jeanna de Waal when speaking about this show said it was her privilege to perform as Diana in front camera. In addition to that she said people will know about her and what are all the things she did for this world.

The producers said it is their one year dream to present the show to audience on Broadway after premiering it on Netflix for global fans.

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