The New Battle Pass Skins Include Carnage!

The battle pass includes a cartoon fish and other new Anthropomorphic creatures

The last in-game event in Fortnite just wrapped up, and Chapter 2 of Season 8 has officially kicked off. In other words, it means there’s a new battle pass for you to check out!

This time, the skin that grabs everyone’s attention is of Carnage, the evil symbiote from the Spider-Man universe. Carnage will be making his very first live-action appearance in Andy Serkis’ Venom: Let There Be Carnage. Carmage’s cosmetics are just as cool as his skin, and the best of them all is his harvesting tool. The tool grows out of his arm into an axe shape, thanks to his symbiote powers. He also gets a glider and a trail.

The other battle pass contents

Epic Games

The other items in the battle pass include Torin, the monster hunter, and J.B. Chimpanski, who is gathering forces to fight against this season’s Cube threat. Others include Fabio Sparklemane, a rainbow-themed anthropomorphic horse, and Charlotte, who has a katana as a harvesting tool. We will also get Toona Fish, who starts off black and white, but will allow you to apply your own colour later on.

Battle Pass Availability

The latest battle pass is available as of now, and can be purchased for 950 V-Bucks ($9.50). The free version of the pass allows players to unlock particular rewards and gain experience. The free version is ready to be upgraded to the premium version at any given time, and you won’t be losing any progress either. Moreover, the paid version gives you access to all the challenges, while it’s limited in the free version.

Epic Games

So what are you waiting for? Update today and unleash some Carnage!

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