The New K-Pop Girl Group Disbanded! Here is The Major Reason

SOLIA’s Agency Confirms The News

The newest K-pop girl group was dissolved only 5 days after their debut. On August 22, the official Instagram handle of SOLIA shocked the fans with this bad news. The post went on to say that due to some internal circumstances the group had to come to an end. And the agency (Space Music Entertainment) confirmed that they no longer were able to support the girl group.

the five members of the k-pop girl group SOLIA
Instagram/ solia official

It also stated that though the group short-lived, they thanked the fans’ support from the beginning of their new album ‘Dream’. They also expressed their gratitude towards the fans, and asked them to support the group members individually.

The group members were Soree, Seona, Soyeon, Hayeon, Eunbi.

The Major Reason Behind the Group’s Termination

The fresh girl group began with good music content, but unfortunately it had to end before it began. The group’s agency- Space Music Entertainment admitted that they had no more funds to support the group. And decided to disband the group.

Soree, the group leader posted a note on the social media regarding their group’s termination. She apologized and appreciated fans’ love and support.

However, she asked the fans to support her and the group members in their individual group. Also stated that she has been reading fans’ DM’s and thanked the fans.

Remarks On The Group’s Members

Since the girl group was disbanded it made the members to step down from a platform where they could’ve gained popularity. No any other K-pop group has suffered from this situation. As a matter of fact all K-pop group are well known globally.

A picture of the group members of solia from the official Instagram account
Instagram/ Solia official

But SOLIA is the first ever K-Pop group to create history of fastest K-pop group to disband.

All the five members of the group took to social media to inform this news to the fans.

Many fans reacted to this news, some were furious about the decision but some assured their support to the members.

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